A sweet and joyful Paris surprise proposal on Pont Debilly

Passarelle Debilly

A sweet and joyful Paris surprise proposal on Pont Debilly

Oh. My. Word. This was the sweetest and most joyful Paris surprise proposal! Nothing’s better than summertime in Paris. Yes, its when Paris is over-run with tourists, but there’s a reason for that. The weather is usually amazing.

Nicholas contacted me about a planning a surprise proposal. He and his lovely girlfriend Jeanette had been together four years, and now it was time to pop the question. The couple were on a family holiday with Jeanette’s family, headed to visit family in Lebanon, with a stop over in Paris.

Nicholas packed the most beautiful ring for his flight from Southern California to Paris, and on a beautiful Tuesday morning got on one knee and asked Jeanette to marry him.

Nicholas selected the Pont Debilly, a pedestrian footbridge on the east side of the Eiffel Tower for his proposal. It has an amazing view of the famous landmark, and being that it’s a foot bridge and no traffic, is a really great spot with a view of the Seine River.

I was excited as I waited for them, you’d think as a surprise proposal photographer in Paris I’d be used to this by now, that it would get old, but it never does. I’m just as excited for the couple as they are!

Here comes Nicholas and Jeanette, wow look at her, filled with energy and a dazzling joy coming from her, and she hasn’t even been proposed to yet! I could tell they were so happy to be in Paris. They took photos of each other and then Nick approached me to ask me to snap a photo of them with his cell phone.

Now why on earth would I do that? Am I not a professional, with a professional camera? Why is this necessary?

It’s just a technique to:

a) Make sure that it’s INDEED Nicholas AND it’s indeed me, Karina.

b) Make sure I don’t miss the big moment

c) Make sure no tourists walk in front of you, as soon as I return the phone, you spring in to action, speak your words, and get on one knee, before anyone walks through your proposal

On this particular morning there were a few people walking across the bridge, but it wasn’t busy at all.

As Nicholas got one knee, Jeanette was stunned! Is this really happening? He presented her a gorgeous ring and they hugged, kissed, and celebrated. Then, I introduced myself, and we did a mini photo session along the river. Jeanette’s parents and sister found us, and were so happy for Nicholas and Jeanette. I was too, because not only was it clear that Jeanette is about the nicest person you’ll ever meet, real, down-to-earth, and charming (and of course, beautiful), but Nicholas is a sweet and caring guy. And yes, there is a very special place in this world for people like Nicholas, guys like him don’t grow on trees, and Jeanette snagged him.

They bonded over their mutual love of cars, but Jeanette told me she was leery in the beginning. Like many of us women, she said she’d had some bad experiences with guys and wasn’t looking forward to more disappointment. But instead of disappointment, Nicholas turned out to be the very best thing that happened to her. Now, they’ll spend their lives together in love, peace and joy, traveling and discovering treasures afar and closer to home.

It made my week to be a part of their love story in Paris, thank you Nicholas, thank you Jeanette, may your lives be filled with crazy amounts of love and happiness!

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