There’s rain in the forecast,
what will we do?!

Oh no, the forecast is for rain for your surprise proposal! You’ve dreamed of your surprise proposal, you’ve planned it, and you know just how you want it to look and feel,


NO, rain is NOT what you had in mind!

I totally understand! Rain stinks! Rain is wet, rain and wind are no fun!

Unfortunately, we can’t control Mother Nature, much as we wish we could. While we all dream of sunny, brilliant days with a light breeze and a nice mild temperature, we are in Paris, a beautiful city in the northern part of Europe and with weather very similar to London. Meaning: it rains a lot!

And if you’re coming in the winter, it’s a good bet that it will be raining, if it’s sunny that will just be a bonus.



Yes, Karina, but it’s going to rain! I don’t know what to do!

While it isn’t maybe the most pleasant thing if we had to choose a sunny proposal over a rainy proposal, most of us would choose the sunny day I’m sure. But, Paris is beautiful in the rain.


Usually there are less people out, so it makes the whole city feel a bit more private.

Rain can be very romantic. In fact Hollywood has made great movies about rain (Singin’ in the Rain). All you need is the right mindset and an umbrella.

What kind of umbrella?

A clear umbrella is best, so we can see everything behind you. You can find clear umbrellas at a chain of stores in Paris called Monoprix (Mon’op) as well as most of the souvenir kiosks at the Eiffel Tower and other places also sell them. You’ll need one any way as you’re walking around. If you’re planning ahead, and coming from the United States, you can buy a clear umbrella here.

If the forecast is for a lot of rain, you can also think about wearing some boots, a raincoat, or in winter, something warm. Hats work too.

Then, we go out and make the very best of it. You’re in PARIS! You’re proposing! A little rain cannot stop or ruin your amazing proposal!

How are you going to keep the people out of our pictures?

How to I keep other people out of your photos? I try very, very hard and 99.99% of the time I’m successful.

Here’s how we do it:

More about the options:

The Tourist
The easiest thing for us to do is meet at a popular spot. This may be at the Eiffel Tower, or another location we will arrange together in advance.

As Paris has a lot of tourists, it’s very believable that I should be at our meeting spot as a tourist taking photos, just like you’ll be. I’ll give you the exact meeting spot and tell you what I look like so you can spot me quickly. Then, you just approach me and ask me to take a picture of you and your significant other with your cell phone. I’ll take your picture, ask you if it’s okay, and then hand your phone back, and from there you can propose. Then, I take images with my professional camera. It’s an easy and very successful way to propose and have your images captured without spoiling the surprise. Your partner will not suspect anything odd, as tourists do this for other tourists all the time. Please note, I give you your phone back, so please take it back and then put it in a safe place before you propose.

>> For a video of how this works, view video here >> https://youtu.be/7rtag8aye6c<<

Why do I recommend this scenario? It’s a good one because it allows me to establish my “zone” so that people are not walking in front of you, ruining the proposal images.

For example: We meet at the Bir Hakeim bridge, which has a beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower. You casually approach me and ask me if I would mind taking your picture. As this happens all day among tourists, it’s nothing out of the ordinary and your significant other will not find it odd. I’ll take your cell phone, and take your couples photo. I will then give the phone back to you, and ask if the photo is ok. From there, you’ll put your phone away, turn to your significant other, say your words, and get down on one knee to propose. During this time, they are paying attention to you, not me. I am capturing everything that is happening with my professional camera. When your proposal is over, I’ll introduce myself and congratulate you!

**IMPORTANT: Many people ask, can’t I just give you a signal, a sign? Why do I have to approach you? She will be suspicious! It will be weird! Actually, it’s not at all weird and works perfectly. Can’t I hide behind a tree with a long lens? I don’t want you anywhere around!

I’m sorry, but this is not the way I work, and I’ll tell you why.

In a perfect world, you could wave your hand, all the people would part, and he’d get down on one knee and have a beautiful view of Paris all to yourself.  But it doesn’t work like that. People are in the way, people don’t move. Tourists want to take pictures of the Eiffel Tower too, and they are not thinking about getting out of the way of others. So that means I have to move them if they’re in the way, and the only way I can do that is to create a path so that they move out of the way. I know it sounds invasive and scary to go up to a stranger and ask them to take a photograph, but it happens multiple times a day, and even while I’m waiting there people ask me to take pictures with their cell phone. There has never been one woman who has said, “Why did you ask a stranger to take our picture!” or “I knew you were proposing, you asked that woman to take our picture”.

Paris is just too busy to hide somewhere and hope that I’m in the right spot at the right time. I watched another photographer do this once. What happened? There were five people in front of his couple and he ran up to the people, pushed them hard out of the way, and screamed at them. This was a very ugly scene for the couple and the tourists that were being screamed at, and I decided I’d never do that. My system works perfectly every time.

You Hired a Photographer
Another idea that some clients prefer is to hire a photographer for a photo session to capture your Paris memories. It is Paris photo session, but with a proposal thrown in! You just tell your significant other that you thought it would be nice to have some photos taken together in Paris.

For example: You tell your girlfriend Monica that wouldn’t it be nice to have some nice photos in Paris to remember your vacation by a professional photographer. Monica thinks it’s a great idea and wears her best dress because after your session, you’re going to have a nice lunch or dinner in Paris. We all meet and start our photo session, but during a portion of it, you propose!

The Tour Guide
I’m also a former tour guide, and you might tell your significant other we’re taking a Paris tour, and the tour guide also takes photos. I’ve done this with great success as well (and yes, I’ll really give you a tour!).

For example: You and your significant other want a nice tour of Montmartre. So you hire me as your tour guide to give you a tour and during your tour, you propose. Congratulations!

There are a few locations and situations  (Trocadero in the early morning, for example) where I don’t need you to employ any of the above scenarios. Honestly, they work the absolute best, but if you’re concerned about them, don’t hesitate to let me know. The most important thing for me is to capture your proposal beautifully, so I’ll do everything I can to ensure your proposal in Paris is the absolute best.

Yes, but doesn’t it ruin the pictures?

No, it captures a moment in time where you proposed to the person you love in the most romantic city in the world.

Okay fine, but I still don’t want to use umbrellas or be out in the open.

Then our best best is to change our location (if it’s not already) to Bir Hakeim Bridge under the bridge itself and not at the overlook (horse statue). The bridge does not provide 100% cover if it’s windy, and there will always be people passing in front of you or behind you, so the photos will not be as beautiful, however.

Paris, France

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