Paris surprise proposal on Pont Alexandre with amazing view

Pont Alexandre

Why the Pont Alexandre Bridge is an amazing spot for a Paris surprise proposal

Your Paris surprise proposal will be one of the highlights of your love story!

When most people think of Paris, they think of the Eiffel Tower, and when they think of the most romantic place to propose to their significant other, they of course want to have a view of it. But did you know you can combine a view of the Eiffel Tower along with something really unique? Enter the Point Alexandre III bridge. Built between 1897 and 1900, it’s the most ornate bridge in Paris. It has cherubs, beautiful lamps, and gold, yes gold. It also has gorgeous views of the Seine River and in the distance, of the Eiffel Tower. This makes it a perfect spot for viewing the Eiffel Tower, and if we have time, we can even walk to the nearby Tuileries Gardens for a mini engagement session.

Brendan, from Miami, Florida, contacted me about his surprise proposal in Paris. As a Paris surprise proposal specialist photographer, I love to hear about the lives of my clients and help them select the perfect spot for their Paris surprise proposal. Brendan made a very good choice, he would still be able to see the Eiffel Tower from his proposal spot, but also would have other beauty of Paris surrounding them as he got on one knee.

Brendan booked the Surprise Proposal Classic and after he booked, I sent him the directions to meet. We also kept in contact via Whatsapp. He would be taking the love of his life, Andrea, to a nice dinner, and so she’d be dressed up. On the way to dinner, they’d stop to take a pretty photo of the Eiffel Tower from the Pont Alexandre Bridge. That’s where I’d be waiting, ready to capture the moment.

Paris is a busy, busy city, with 29 million visitors a year. It’s busy in the morning, it’s busy in the evening, it’s busy in the winter and it’s busy in the summer. So to make your surprise proposal go off without a hitch, we have to have a plan. Brendan knew how to find me, I played the role of tourist and was taking photos of the Eiffel Tower. There were dozens of people around us, but…Brendan approached me and asked if I minded taking a photo of them with his cell phone.

Now, this may seem odd to some people. Why on earth would I give you my cell phone? My girlfriend won’t buy that, she’ll think someone will steal it, and why is that even necessary.

First off, she won’t think any of that because I’m a perfectly respectable and trustworthy looking older woman, and no one is going to think that about your phone, especially when I have a pro camera hanging around my neck. She’s also not going to think I’m your proposal photographer, because after living in Hollywood for 10 years’, I’m a very, very good actress.

When you give me your phone, it establishes that a) you are you, and I am me, and we connect for the big moment, and b) when I take your photo I establish a zone so that tourists aren’t walking through your proposal. Nothing worse than being on one knee for the biggest moment of your life and tourists are in your photos! That never, ever happens and I’ve done hundreds of proposals. It’s because I have my system down to a tee.

I took a photo of Brendan and Andrea with Brendan’s phone, gave it back to him and went about my business taking photos on the bridge. Then Brendan got on one knee and asked Andrea to spend the rest of his life with him, and she of course said YES!

I then spent a little time learning about these cuties, perfectly matched to each other, and doing a small mini session. Full engagement sessions can also be booked for another day separate from your surprise proposal, or even the same day if you want.

I learned that Andrea’s brother and Brendan had been friends for years, and Andrea was always friends with Brendan. She admitted she’d had a crush on him since she was 13. As they grew older, their friendship deepened and then one day it led to true love. The true love was there the whole time though, as Andrea said that Brendan was her absolute best friend in the world.

A quick trip to the Tuileries Gardens with a view of the Louvre, and some stunning photos later, I bid farewell to this happy couple and I wish them the absolute happiest married life together!

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