A beautiful Paris surprise proposal on Pont Alexandre Bridge

Pont Alexandre

A beautiful Paris surprise proposal on Pont Alexandre Bridge

A beautiful Paris surprise proposal on Pont Alexandre Bridge. I knew I would really like Tyler when he selected the Pont Alexandre III (bridge of Alexandre III) for his surprise proposal. It’s an excellent choice, so incredibly pretty, and perfect for those who really would love a view of the Eiffel Tower when they propose but don’t need to be super close. The Pont Alexandre was completed in 1900 and has quite a history. Thanks to Wikipedia:

The Beaux-Arts style bridge, with its exuberant Art Nouveau lamps, cherubsnymphs and winged horses at either end, was built between 1896 and 1900. It is named after Tsar Alexander III, who had concluded the Franco-Russian Alliance in 1892. His son Nicholas II laid the foundation stone in October 1896. The style of the bridge reflects that of the Grand Palais, to which it leads on the right bank.

The construction of the bridge is a marvel of 19th century engineering, consisting of a 6 metres (20 ft) high single span steel arch. The design, by the architects Joseph Cassien-Bernard and Gaston Cousin, was constrained by the need to keep the bridge from obscuring the view of the Champs-Élysées or the Invalides.

The bridge was built by the engineers Jean Résal and Amédée d’Alby. It was inaugurated in 1900 for the Exposition Universelle (universal exhibition) World’s Fair, as were the nearby Grand Palais and Petit Palais.

So, there you have a bit of history. Now Tyler, and his girlfriend Christie, would be making their own history on this very bridge.

Tyler wanted to propose in the early evening so he could take Christie to dinner afterward. It was a great plan on a wonderful early summer late afternoon in Paris!

The bridge is extremely popular, not only because it’s well, a bridge, and people cross it, but because it’s so beautiful in its own right and people love to take photos there. That’s why it’s really important to be a bit patient at this location, as you’ll be competing with others for viewing real estate.

The best thing to do is approach me when you see me, and this was our plan. This allows me to establish contact with my clients and also to help protect against people walking in front of you when you’re on one knee. That said, you have to be really quick here, or a tourist will walk in front of you!

Tyler wasted no time, but it was clear from the beginning that Christie didn’t know what was going on. She was a bit confused at first, was Tyler really on one knee in Paris?

When she finally realized that yes, this was the real thing, he was proposing, her reaction was priceless. She burst into a beaming smile and then shed a tear, the man she loves wants to spend the rest of his life with her, and she with him. What could be a better feeling than that?

It was so wonderful to meet this outgoing and kind couple from Colorado, living near Denver. We talked about travel, their hobbies in Denver, and how they met. We also had time to take a stroll along the river for a little mini session.

There was so much going on this Friday evening, I enjoyed pointing out various spots and sharing a few tidbits about Paris. When I’m working with my clients, its seems like we’re just on a pleasant stroll together and what could be more fun than that?

We finished up at the riverside, and it was truly a magnificent day!

Tyler and Christie, thank you so much for choosing me to capture your special moment. I hope the love you have for each other grows stronger each year and congratulations!

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