Paris, and love – they go hand in hand. I’m so fortunate to capture that love to save forever!

My name’s Karina, and I’m an American photographer living in Paris, now full-time since 2014, but coming to Paris for many years. I know Paris so well, and most importantly, the absolute best and most romantic spots for a surprise proposal.

In fact, I love surprise proposals so much that I’m now a surprise proposal photography specialist in Paris. What is that, you may ask? Well, I absolutely love photographing people in love, and in the city I love, Paris. There is nothing better than being there for the moment when two people become engaged. It’s just beautiful, and as an emotional person myself, it makes me happy to see people in love and happy. But what’s even better than that, is having the honor to capture this special moment between two people, in images they’ll have forever. Images they’ll possibly pass down through the generations, to that magic moment in Paris, when their love story went to another exciting chapter.

I also love people. I love hearing their stories, and sharing smiles and laughter. It’s the best job in the world!

A little about me…

I first came to Paris as a student in high school and it made a huge impression on me.  In 2012 I bought a little apartment here, and moved full time a few years’ later. I live in the hip, trendy and fabulous 11th arrondissement, where several times a day I can smell freshly baked pain au chocolat wafting through my windows from the bakery on the corner. It makes it difficult to stay on a diet, but I love living here! But what I love more is sharing this city with others.

I began my photography journey as a videographer, with a dream of being a documentary filmmaker. Gradually I became more interested in still photography, which is now also a passion of mine. I love to tell stories through visual imagery, and as they say–a picture really is worth a thousand words.

I’m attracted to bold colors and beautiful light. Using Paris as the canvas, I strive to capture the beauty and essence of people.

To me there’s more to having a photography business than just taking great images. Your entire surprise proposal experience is really important to me. That’s why I strive to provide the very best in customer service too. You’re coming to a foreign country, maybe for the first time, to ask your loved one to  marry you. It’s really important, and I respect that. I will help you in any way that I can, so that you feel comfortable and confident. We’ll communicate via Whatsapp, text, email–whatever works for you, and you can feel really relaxed about the whole process.

Okay enough about me, I want to hear about you! Please contact me with any questions you have or just to say bonjour!

Bonne journée! (that means have a nice day!)



Paris Surprise Proposal Photographer

Paris, France