A stunning morning surprise proposal in Paris at Bir Hakeim Bridge

Bir Hakeim bridge is named after a battle with Egypt that took place in the 1940s. While this is a somber event, the bridge named after the event is not somber, in fact it’s the scene of many wonderful happenings in Paris! On any given day, you’ll find model shoots, video shoots, surprise proposals, wedding parties having photos taken and even famous movies. Did you know the sci-fi thrilled Inception with Leonardo DiCaprio, was filmed on this bridge? It kind of put the bridge “on the map” as they say. This is by far the preferred location for a surprise proposal in Paris during the evening. It’s always a busy spot for tourists to snap photos of the Eiffel Tower, but nowhere near as busy as Trocadero, one bridge over. I love the evening light here too!

That said, a Paris morning is also a thing of magic. Mark planned his surprise proposal for the morning. He would propose to the love of his life, Jasmine, and then take her to a special lunch. Getting her dressed up was easy, as lunch required more formal dress, so she was prepared. Mark chose Bir Hakeim for his proposal location, and it was a great choice! At 9:00 am there were some people around, but not many, so we pretty much had the place to ourselves.

Gorgeous Bir Hakeim overlook with a view of the Eiffel Tower

Bir Hakeim has an overlook, where you’ll find a horse statue, and it has a superb view of the Eiffel Tower, in addition, the bridge itself is quite beautiful with wrought iron. Mark and Jasmine approached, and I was excited to meet them. They looked like a million bucks, all dressed up for a nice lunch and enjoying a morning walk with a perfect view of the Eiffel Tower. As we agreed ahead of time, Mark approached me, a tourist, to ask if I minded snapping a photo of them on his cell phone. Of course not! So I put him in the correct spot and took a few photos on his cell phone, playing my role as tourist to the hilt. I returned his phone to him and then went back to what I was doing, snapping photos looking like a tourist. Then, he turned to Jasmine and spoke some beautiful words (don’t worry about your privacy, I can never hear the words), and got on one knee. She was taken aback, shocked and excited. Her emotional reaction was really precious and I captured it for them to treasure the rest of their lives.

I always give couples a few moments to bond over this amazing moment afterward before I approach and announce who I am and then ask if a mini-session is okay for a few images afterward, as a newly engaged couple. As is the case with most women, Jasmine’s hand was trembling. She was still in shock. Most women go through a bit of shock because this is a moment they dream of their whole lives. Now that its happened, it’s hard to believe, and many people are in a bit of a fog afterward.

Mark and Jasmine live in the Bay Area, near San Francisco in the United States. This was Jasmine’s first trip to Paris, and what a trip!

I took photos of her gorgeous ring and then some more photos along the bridge, ending at the peaceful riverside. I had so much fun meeting them and being part of this moment of history in their lives, a love story for the ages.

Many happy wishes to Mark and Jasmine for a life filled with wonder and love!

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