A purely joyful summer surprise proposal at Trocadero Eiffel Tower


A purely joyful summer surprise proposal at Trocadero Eiffel Tower

It was a sunny mid-June morning, a Sunday morning no less, and I was waiting at Trocadero for Daniel, and the love of his life Esther, who come from El Salvador, to meet me for their surprise proposal. It was such a busy day, with one Paris elopement ceremony in progress and a big group of Italians waiting for their wedding ceremony turn. This was just at 8:00 am. A lot of clients really don’t understand why they cannot propose at the Trocadero area of the Eiffel Tower in late morning or afternoon/evening. As it was at 8:00 am, there were dozens and dozens of people around, often they don’t have courtesy for others and the last thing I want is for anyone’s surprise proposal to get ruined by careless people waking in front of my clients. I have a great system devised, but even on this day, it may have been a challenge, as there were a lot of people standing in the space where I normally recommend for surprise proposals at Trocadero.

There is one thing to keep in mind when planning a Paris surprise proposal at Trocadero, Saturdays and Sundays are really busy, especially in summer and even at 8:00 am, so prepare for anything. Luckily, Daniel was a super cool cucumber. He and Esther approached, he took photos with his camera of her, made eye contact with me, and then continued enjoying his time as a tourist at the Eiffel Tower. Esther had no idea what was going to happen.

Excuse me, do you mind taking our photo?

Daniel set his things down and approached me, another tourist, and asked if I minded taking their photo, handing me his cell phone. This is the “tourist” scenario, and works well. First, it prevented other people from walking in front of us. Second, it beautifully establishes a contact between us, yes, I’m your photographer! I photographed the couple on Daniel’s cell phone and then returned it to him. The key here is to ask her very quickly, as tourists are always all around and if there’s one thing I hate (although I can’t control), is tourists in the background. I love the images I produce for you to be romantic, dreamy and super special. Despite what I try to do, I can’t always fulfill the wishes, as sometimes there are just too many people, but this worked like a charm.

Esther was lovely before I even met her, I could tell. She was dressed in a delightfully summery shorts combo outfit in a gorgeous shade of blush. Daniel was cooly casual and very handsome. I have to say, after Daniel asked Esther, she had the most priceless reaction, and for our mini-shoot just after, she was beaming and incredibly joyful. It was so lovely to see these two young people in love, who had met at work, start their engaged lives together. In addition to the surprise proposal spot at Trocadero, we went to the gardens as well as other famous vantage points for amazing Paris surprise proposal photographs. While this couple spoke perfect English, it was also really fun for me to speak a few words with Spanish with them, I do need the practice! Muchas gracias, Daniel y Esther.

I wish them every happiness in the world! Want to book your own Paris surprise proposal? You’re in the right place! Check out packages here.




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